Join us for Quaker Meeting for Worship at 10am each Sunday.

Quaker/Valley Friends Meetinghouse
Quaker/Valley Friends Meetinghouse


We warmly invite you to join us for Quaker Meeting for Worship each First Day. We cherish the Light within every person and work for peace. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Valley Friends Meeting is an active Quaker meeting near Harrisonburg, serving the Harrisonburg-Rockingham area of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

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Quaker Quote

“I believe there is something in the mind, or in the heart, that shows its approbation when we do right. I give myself this advice: Do not fear truth, let it be so contrary to inclination and feeling. Never give up the search after it: and let me take courage, and try from the bottom of my heart to do that which I believe truth dictates, if it leads me to be a Quaker or not.”
~ Elizabeth Fry, 1780-1845

The Way Friends Worship

In worship, Friends gather in silent, expectant waiting. When someone feels led to share a message, it is received in the gathered silence. We listen deeply to the Spirit and to each other and reach for the Divine center of our being.

“We are met in a great task when we meet in worship, no less than to realize the Divine Presence and to create an atmosphere in which that Presence and Power can touch us into fuller life.

“Once we remember this, we cannot but approach the occasion with reverent humility and the desire that nothing on our part may hinder or disturb.

“It is something holy and wonderful we are trying to build up together—the consciousness of the Presence with us here and the reality of communion with God.”

—Quaker Press of FGC