About Us

History of Valley Friends Meeting

meetinghouseBeginning as a worship group in 1979, Harrisonburg Friends Meetings (as it was then called) first met in people’s homes and then in rented spaces. Valley Friends Meeting acquired the property in Dayton (formerly a Presbyterian Church) in 1999 as its own place for Meeting for Worship.

What to Expect When Attending Meeting for Worship

All are welcome at Valley Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). While Friends have no prescribed creeds, a central belief is that there is that of God in everyone.

We have no designated preacher in our Meetings for Worship; instead, all members are considered ministers as we each minister to each other.

The meetings are called “unprogrammed” because there is no programmed, planned content. We sit in quiet, meditative silence until someone is moved to speak or when someone selected turns and shakes hands in fellowship with others. Those in attendance then shake hands with those near them.

During Meeting for Worship silence, some may be led to speak. We believe that these messages come from the Spirit. While vocal ministry is a part of our worship, we believe that insightful leadings can also come from the silence.

Children are encouraged to attend Meeting for Worship. We have an active First Day School (Sunday School) for children of all ages involving them in their own particular activities as well as overall Meeting programs.

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