Call for Healing and Justice


–  Approved 7.12.2020

We join our voice with many other faith communities, organizations and individuals, responding to the murder of George Floyd.  This brutal killing, terrible and heart breaking, highlights the deeply ingrained patterns of racism and racial violence within our society.   We recognize the deep resilience of our Black sisters and brothers in the face of history rooted in white colonialism and the institution of slavery. Despite much work, courage, sacrifice and change, the patterns of racism and violence continue.

Let us work to bring about not only legal and institutional change but change at a deeper level, personal and cultural. Valley Friends is a largely white group of people, and therefore our perspective is limited.  We acknowledge that by our inattention and inaction we are complicit in this continued injustice.   We commit to educating ourselves – to listen, to learn, and to act.

We recognize the history of police violence, and also the history of commitment and sacrifice on the part of law enforcement officers.  Let us work to bring healing and realignment of the police institutions, where there can be no place for racism or brutality, and where the people we charge with protecting us have the supports they need.

We hold that where there is racism in our society, and violence by those with power, all in that circle are harmed.  Let us humanize all sides, call for accountability and look for ways to change.

It is not by our actions and intentions alone, but through relying on that power which comes from the Spirit which may create loving transformation.  Work and understanding are critical, but it is the power of love, both divine and human which allows us to overcome deep cultural divisions.

We hold in the light those who have been harmed and also those who have committed harm.  We commit ourselves to helping to heal the wounds within and around us.  Let us all work together for ‘The Beloved Community’.

~ Call for Healing and Justice (Minute on Racism)